Why Is Swarovski Crystal the Best To Have?

Swarovski Crystal has been the premier name in crystal for over a hundred years. It was created by Daniel Swarovski when he created a new machine for precision cutting of crystal. What makes the Swarovski crystal different than a regular crystal is a combination of the optical quality, precision cutting, and specialized coatings. The method of production has been a family secret since Daniel developed his cutting machine around 1892. For the first time, the sparkle of diamonds was available in a crystal, making it affordable for a whole new segment of the population. Eventually, even those who could afford diamonds were choosing the stunning sparkle of a Swarovski crystal.

Swarovski bridal jewelry is some of the most sought after types of jewelry for brides today. Due to the high quality of the crystal and the unique way in which it catches the light, crystals make stunning bridal jewelry. With the look of diamonds, and sometimes a bit more sparkle than a diamond, Swarovski crystals can add an elegant, luxurious touch to any gown. Wedding veils look absolutely magnificent when adorned with these beautiful elements which can simulate a shower of diamonds.

Optical Quality

Swarovski crystals are generally more optically pure than other crystals because they contain more of the lead component that creates purity in the crystal. Since the crystal is so optically pure, the sparkle is more intense and recognizable. Of course, it takes more than a pure crystal to create a Swarovski.

Precision Faceting

Since Daniel Swarovski created his first precision cutting machine for the crystal over a hundred years ago, the company he founded has been a leader in precision cutting technology. The cuts are of unmatched quality and it is exactly those cuts that create the special sparkle that these crystals emanate.

Specialized Coating

The coatings bring color to the crystals, allowing them to run the gamut of the rainbow as far as color is concerned. Swarovski’s were created in thousands of colors, giving them dozens of uses.

Swarovski crystals have been worn by the likes of Coco Chanel, Marilyn Monroe, and Audrey Hepburn and featured in dozens of high fashion lines of clothing. Wedding jewelry that has been created with Swarovski crystals can truly help a bride bring style and elegance to her wedding day.

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