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Your bridal veil is the crowning glory of your wedding ensemble.  We all strutted around as little girls wearing our slips and our older sister’s veils just waiting to the day that we would finally get to wear our own!

While you envision your perfect veil, we can assure you that we will help you to turn that vision into a beautiful reality.  Whether you see yourself in a simple single layered cut edge veil, or a dramatic long veil embellished with crystals and pearls, we can custom create it for you.  We can even embellish your comb as part of the veil, or temporarily attach the veil to a custom made tiara or comb.

See some sample ideas here and use our ideas to create your own perfect veil!

The photo below on the left is a corded edge, double layered, finger tip length semi cascade veil with scattered Swarovski crystal rhinestones.

The photo above on the right is a finger tip length veil with a simple cut edge.  It has two layers, and is shaped into a semi cascade. It is a narrow 72″ veil, and is embellished with Swarovski Crystal Pearls in Cream Rose.

You can customize this veil by adding Swarovsk Crystals, rhinestones, a ribbon or cord edge and or/change the length of the layers.

This veil is created using tulle fabric in either white or ivory.

Each veil is hand crafted and custom created for you exactly as you order it.  Some brides have photographs of veils they have seen and loved but cannot find them in their local bridal shops.  Others simply would like to find something that is created just for them.

Of course, our pricing is what entices many brides to work with us!  We offer custom veils at the same wholesale pricing that bridal stores pay for their mass marketed veils.

You get the best of all choices, you receive the veil that you have envisioned for yourself, custom created just for you at far less that you would have ever imagined.

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Creating a complete look is what we love to do the best!  This bride is wearing a simple narrow classic veil with Swarovksi Crystals embellishing the edges.  She is also wearing my signature #101 Vintage Swarovski Crystal Necklace and stunning #807 Swarovski Crystal Channel set earrings.

This was shot at the jewelry studio, we’re still waiting for the wedding photos!

Below we are showing a double layered ribbon edged semi cascade veil.  It is a wider 108″ veil embellished with scattered Swarovski Crystal rhinestons.

Detail of ribbon edge and Swarovski Crystal Rhinstones- click on photo to enlarge

Pricing Information:
Although all pricing is based on exact measurements and density of embellishments, etc. Here is a general pricelist:

Single Layer Finger tip Cascade or Straight Edge Veil/ Cut Edge – $40.00
Additional Cut Edge Layers – $20.00

Single Layer Finger tip Cascade or Straight Edge Veil/ Cord or Ribbon Edge – $65.00
Additional Tiers – $25.00

Embellishments/ Swarovski Crystals, pearls or rhinestones start at $20.00 per layer and depend on design, number of rows, density of embellishments, etc…

This veil has a cut edge and is a longer Waltz length. It has three layers with rhinestones placed along the edges and scattered on the top layer. The shape is a semi cascade.

Detail of top layer of veil with scattered Swarovski Crystals

A unique silk gauze veil! Beautiful silk drapes like a dream…. This veil has a hand rolled edge, two layers and is Waltz length. It is 54″ wide with straight side edges and a flared edge. As shown, there are hand crafted silk flowers with Swarovski Crystalk Pearls on the comb.

Detail of hand rolled and sewn edge on silk gauze veil. The drape is beautiful on this veil.

These are some samples of my favorite veils.  We can customize them or create a veil to your specifications!

Although we show mostly cascade and semi cascade veils there are many other shapes to choose from.

Lengths vary with the height of the bride, but some guidelines are:
Fingertip  32-48″
Waist/Elbow 24-31″
Waltz 49-71″
Chapel 106-126″

Edge choices:
Cut Edge
Hand rolled

Colors:  Generally we offer white, silk white and ivory, but we can often work with custom colors.

Swarovski Crystals
Swarovski Crystal Pearls
Freshwater Pearls
Swarovski Crystal Flatback Rhinestones

At, you will find beautiful custom designed wedding jewelry for bridesmaids,  custom wedding veils as well as others in your wedding party. Whether you are looking for a gift for your bridesmaids, for the mother of the bride, or for the bride herself, you can create just the look you are after when you purchase jewelry from

When you work with us, you can define your own creation of custom bridesmaid wedding jewelry, including any of the following…


    • Swarovski crystals


    • Gemstones


    • Freshwater pearls


    • Swarovski pearls


With hundreds of different crystal gemstone and pearl colors and sizes to select from, your bridal jewelry,  custom wedding veil, will be precisely what you want when you order it from

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