History of Swarovski

You are looking at Handcrafted Swarovski Crystal Bridal Jewelry, but what’s all the fuss about Swarovski Crystal? Here is some history and current info about beautiful and famous Swarovski Crystal


What’s all this about Swarovski Crystal?

113 years ago Daniel Swarovski (1862-1956) brought his new machine for precision cutting crystal from Bohemia to Wallens, Austria.

Daniel Swarovski’s motto was “Create a Diamond for Everyone!”

During the flapper ear, Swarovski had the vision to create fashion for women who could not afford diamonds, but wanted multiple layers of beaded and sparkling necklaces.  Coco Chanel and Elsa Schiaparelli adored Swarovski crystals and added them to their jewelry and clothing lines.  In the 1950′s Christian Dior designed a fabric that reminded one of the aurora borealis with the help of Swarovski.

Some very well known Swarovski Crystal pieces are Audrey Hepburn’s tiara in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” and the crystal embellished gown Jean Louis created for Marilyn Monroe to sing “Happy Birthday” to John F Kennedy.

Click on the video to see Marilyn Monroe in a Swarovski Crystal evening gown
singing “Happy Birthday to You” to President John F Kennedy

Swarovski Crystal Today:

Swarovski Crystal has more than 20,000 employees and sales over 2.6 billion dollars annually. They supply the most beautiful and valuable crystal components to the jewelry industry under the name of “Crystallized Swarovski Elements” These are the very crystals that I use to create my Swarovski Crystal Bridesmaid Jewelry. They also have their own couture line called “Runway Rocks” that are featured as avant-garde pieces for fashion shows and show business. Another family venture is a line of jewelry sold in high end department stores called “Atelier Swarovski” as well as a brand new line called “JVS”.

Swarovski promotes a charity event that is a fusion of music and fashion which took place in 2007 at the Royal Albert Hall in London. The fashion show included Armani, Chanel, Dolce and Gabbana, Yves St Laurent and Stella McCartney.

The method that makes Swarovski crystal so beautiful and mesmerizing is a secret that is known to only a handful of family members. No one outside of the family is allowed to see the entire production process. Employees are sworn to secrecy. Not only are they known for their housewares, picture frames, crystal beads and jewelry, but they also have a line of precision optical lenses!

My line of Swarovski Crystal Bridal Jewelry features many of the latest crystal cuts as well as vintage cuts that have not been in production for nearly 50 years! I hope you will enjoy my Custom Bridal Jewelry and Custom Bridesmaid Gifts and know that you are purchasing pieces that will bring a lifetime of wearing pleasure!
-Marilyn Dannehower

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