Should You Give Bridesmaid Gifts of Jewelry?

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Should You Give Bridesmaid Gifts of Jewelry?

There are so many decisions to make when planning your wedding that it is easy to overlook something as simple as purchasing bridesmaids gifts. Remember that your bridesmaids have given up time, money, and creative control over their wardrobe for your big day so you need to thank them appropriately in both word and deed. There are some simple ways to remedy the situation if you have forgotten it until the last minute and are unable to order personalized gifts or don’t have the budget for something extravagant, solutions that contribute to the planning of the wedding as well.

Use the beautiful crystal wedding jewelry that you have already chosen for yourself as a guide to your bridesmaid gifts of jewelry.  Rather than asking your bridesmaids to spend additional money on jewelry for the wedding day, make it a part of their bridesmaid gift set. Crystal wedding jewelry is affordable and beautiful; you can be proud to give it and wear it.

Not only is crystal wedding jewelry lovely but it is versatile so your bridesmaid will be able to wear it on more than one occasion. You can match the bridesmaid gift jewelry to your own bridal set or choose a slightly different design that complements the bridesmaid’s dresses yet still holds true to the theme of your own crystal wedding jewelry.  For a less traditional look, you might choose to select crystal wedding jewelry that is unique to each bridesmaid and fits her individual style while still maintaining a uniform look that will ensure the photographs of the entire wedding party do not have any glaring missteps. You want the wedding jewelry to complement the dresses and the women wearing them, not be the standout feature in the photographs so you need to select the jewelry wisely.

Traditional crystal wedding jewelry would match the shades in the dress and consist of earrings, necklace and bracelet; some sets even include rings in a complimentary design.  However, not all dresses require or work with the full jewelry set so you will need to choose your pieces accordingly. If your dresses are a custom or uncommon color, you will likely need to select jewelry that coordinates or contrasts with the dress color rather than one that blends.

Many weddings today, however, are decidedly nontraditional and the bridesmaid gift jewelry should reflect that trend. Many brides choose slightly different dresses for their bridesmaids so their jewelry must also be slightly different to coordinate with each style. You should choose your own and your bridesmaids crystal wedding jewelry with personality in mind as well as the dresses. If you are a young bride with contemporary bridesmaids, do not choose crystal wedding jewelry that is overly ornate or old-fashioned. Instead choose simple, modern pieces that both you and your bridesmaids will be able to wear again and again. At the same time, you should select jewelry that has a common theme or design element that will keep the entire wedding party looking cohesive for the photographs that will be oohed and aahed over for a lifetime.

You can find amazing choices in crystal wedding jewelry, including bridesmaid gift jewelry, at bridal crystal direct. The range of choice in affordable and beautiful designs will delight you and make at least this step of the wedding planning process a breeze. Speak directly to the creative force behind the jewelry to design the exact pieces you want for your wedding day, view photos of your designs, and be guaranteed satisfaction.

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