Bridal Earrings

My Classic and Unique Custom Earrings To Compliment Your Custom Bridal Necklace, Anklets and Bracelets

Classic Bridal Earrings with Swarovski Crystal

#800 Classic Swarovski Crystal Drop Earrings- $16 Silver/$18 Goldfill

Classic Swarovski Crystal and Pearl earrings

#802 Classic and Simple- Swarovski Cystal and Pearl Drop Earrings- $16 Silver/$18 Goldfill

Classic Swarovski Crystal Bridal Earrings

#800 with Pearl accent- $16 Silver/$18 Goldfill

Swarovski Crystal baroque Earrings

#838 Swarovski Crystal Baroque Drop Earrings-$24 Silver/$26 Goldfill

My earring styles are designed to enhance all my necklaces and bracelets. I will customize them to match your styles, colors, desired length, etc. The basic #800 matches any and all designs.

Swarovski Crystal wedding earrings

#820 Classic Swarovski Crystal Drops on a Single Crystal Leverback-$22 Silver/$24 Gold fill

Swarovski Crystal confetti Bridal Earrings

#816 Muli Drop Swarovski Crystal Earrings-$30 Silver/$32 Goldfill

Large pearl bridal earrings on flower post

#835 Large 16mm Pearls on Flower Posts-$50 Silver/$55 Goldfill

short cascade bridal earrings

#815 Short Cascading Swarovski Crystal Earrings-$30 Silver/$32 Goldfill

To order or for more information call: 1-800-524-2075 or email:

Wedding Pearl Drops Earrings

#806 Pearl Drop Earrings match #706 Bracelet and #370 Necklace-$24 Silver/Gold rondelle

Modern Pearls on Hammered Earwires

#809 Elegant Pearls on Hand forged Earwires- $30 Silver/$32 Goldfill

Channel Set Bridal Earrings

#805 Gorgeous Channel Set Earrings- $26 Silver only

Swarovski Crystal Wrapped Hoop Bridal Earrings

#830 Gorgeous Swarovski Crystal Wrapped 27mm Hoops- $45 Silver/$50 Goldfill

The Newest in Chandelier Earrings

channel set link swarovski crystal bridal earrings

#808 Swarovski Crystal drop Earrings with Channel Set Link- $22 Silver/#24 Gold fill

Swarovski Crystal Chandelier Bridal EArrings

#831 Swarovski Crystal Teardrops in Frames-$38Silver/$40Goldfill

De Art Swarovski Crystal Bridal Earrings

#826 De Art Swarovski Crystal Long Drop Earrings-$28 Silver/$30 Goldfill

Golden Shadow De Art Bridal Earrings

#826 Golden Shadow De Art Drop Earrings- $28 Silver/$30 Gold fill

Bridal Cascade Earrings

#821 Golden Shadow and Pearls Cascade Earrings- $$48 Silver/$52 Gold fill

Swarovski Cystal Bridal Cascade Earrings

#821 Swarovski Crytal and Pearl Long Cascade Earrings- $48 Silver/$50 Goldfill

Chalcedony and Pearl earrings

#839 Chaceldony and Pearl Long Drop Earrings- $60 Silver/$65 Goldfill

chalcedonly and multi drop aloya pearl earrings

#840 Akoya Pearl multi drops and Chalcedony Earrings-$65 Silver/$70 Gold fill

Swarovski Crystal Chandelier Earrings

#833 Swarovski Crystal AB Chandelier and Chain Earrings-$45 Sterling only

Black Diamond Chandelier Earrings

#833 Black Diamond Chandelier Earrings- $45.00 Silver only

Vingage Filagree Chandeliers with Swarovski Crystal

#822 Filagree Chandelier Earrings- $36 and up

Filagree Wedding Chandelier Earrings

#822 filagree Earrings with Swarovski Crystal Drops- $36 and up

I will create beautiful earrings for those without pierced ears. All styles can be made with these Swarovski Crystal embellished CLIP earrings!

Clip earrings with Swarovski Crystal

#800 with Pearls on Swarovski Embellished Clip Earrings- Add $10.00 to price of earrings for Clips

Bridal Clip earrings

#800 with Swarovski Embellished Clips- Add $10.00 to price of earrings for Clips

Although is best known for selling custom bridal party jewelry, did you know that we offer more than just unique jewelry pieces? We know that, when it comes to bridesmaid gifts, jewelry might not be the only thing that is on your mind for gift giving.

The same is true when it comes to purchasing beautiful pieces to complete the bride’s ensemble, or the ensemble of others in the wedding party. In addition to selling unique bridal party jewelry, also offers all of the following custom products:

    • Cosmetic bags
    • Evening bags
    • Hairpins
    • Ornamental handbags
    • Tiaras
    • Veils embellished with crystals and pearls

When it comes to picking out the perfect bridesmaid gifts, jewelry might not always be what you are looking for. From jewelry to hair ornamentation, we are confident that we can provide you with exactly what you are looking for.

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