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Design the Perfect Bridal Jewelry Necklace

Deciding on the perfect bridal jewelry necklace for your wedding can be a daunting task.  You probably have seen many different styles that you like, but don’t know what will work for you.  Let’s talk about some ideas to help you choose!

First of all, think about the designs that you have liked in the past. Did you love that long drop on Julie’s necklace, or the two long drops flowing down Christine’s back as she walked to the altar?  Note your ideas for now and we’ll review later.

Channel set Swarovski Crystal Bridal Necklace

#105 Rhinestone Bar- $52.00 Silver,
$57.00 Gold fill

Next, take a look at the neckline of your dress:  Is it scooped?  High across your chest? Is it wrapped with a deep V? This will help you determine the type of necklace to choose.  A low V will accommodate a long drop in front.  A wide scooped neck or a sweetheart neckline might leave a great deal of skin showing, and a more complicated necklace might look best.  A high straight neckline will look best with a shorter piece.

#112 Simplicity- $42.00
Silver/$46.00 Gold fill.

This is a perfect bridal jewelry necklace for a sweetheart neckline.

Long Y Necklace with Sweetheart Neckline

#430 Two Strands Keshi Pearls
and Swarovski Crystals $85.00

To order or for more information, call 1-800-524-2075

This is a long continuous silver Swarovski Crystal necklace that was custom designed for the low back of this dress.

As we looked at the front while considering your bridal jewelry necklace, we will consider the back.  Do you have a dress with a low cut back?  Will you cover your back with a veil?  If not, you might want to consider adding one or two drops down your back. It’s a dramatic and very feminine look!

Heather came to us with the idea of having a long necklace with NO clasp so it would drape along the back of her gown.  We custom designed this long silver necklace with Swarovski crystals.

Get The Unique Bridal Jewelry Designs You Want Handcrafted At An Affordable Price!

Think about how much you want to spend.  We will create your handmade bridal necklace to your design specifications, and will work within your budget.  Let us help you design the perfect bridal jewelry necklace that will finish your look and not break the bank!

Whether you choose a silver necklace or a 14K gold filled necklace, we can create your bridal jewelry, including necklace, matching earrings and/or bracelets for you!

Custom Necklace I designed for Nancy’s custom wedding gown

Swarovski Crystal wire wrapped Bridal Necklace

#115 Wwire wrapped necklace created with Swarovski Crystal and two long drops in back

Custom Bridal Gemstone Necklace

Custom Gemstone Necklace for Maya


At, we offer high-quality, unique handcrafted bridal jewelry at the most affordable prices. In fact, when you purchase your jewelry and accessories from, you get:

  • Jewelry priced at the same wholesale prices as we sell to wedding salons
  • Handcrafted jewelry that is designed to your unique specifications
  • The personal attention needed to create jewelry designed specifically for you

Of course, you don’t have to take our word for it. Just look at what one of our satisfied customers had to say after receiving her jewelry…

“I received my bracelet in the mail on Friday, and it is more beautiful than I imagined. Thank you so much for your fine attention to detail! I’ll be contacting you again shortly about jewelry for my mom and bridesmaids…and more jewelry for myself for years to come! Thanks so much!” – Megan

With more than 11 years of jewelry design and crafting experience, you can be certain the jewelry you order will be just what you were looking for when you buy from Contact us at (800) 524-2075 or by email at and let us help you develop those truly unique bridal jewelry designs you have been yearning for!

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