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Custom Bridesmaid Wedding Jewelry

Thank your friends for helping to make your day special with Swarovski crystal bridesmaid jewelry to cherish forever



#801 Drop Swarovski Crystals on French Earwires Silver:
$12.00/Gold fill $14.00

#804 Swarovski drops on a Crystal Post Silver $18.00/Gold filled $21.00

#800 Pearl and Swarovski Drop Earrings Silver
$15.00/Gold fill $18.00


#725- Flower Girl Bracelet- Sterling silver heart charm varies on this 6″ girls’ bracelet. $26.00

#142 Flower Girl Necklace- Up to 16″, You choose your colors! $30.00 Sterling Silver – $32.00 Gold fill


#144 All Crystal Flower Girl Necklace - Up to 16″, Featuring Swarovski Crystal all around.  You choose your colors! $30.00 in Sterling Silver- $32.00 in Gold fill.

#145 Crystal and chain Flower Girl Necklace - Up to 16″, Both Swarovski Crystal and Sterling or Gold filled chain in your wedding colors.  $28.00 in Sterling Silver - $30.00 in Gold fill.


#330 Petite Y Necklace in Golden Shadow, Light Colorado Topaz and Crystal AB

#330 Petite Y, same as to the left, only in Gold fill.


#330 Petite Y Necklaces

These are perfect for this year’s brown and champagne colors! They are well priced at only $40.00 for Sterling Silver and $44.00 for Gold fill! Necklace only, sets that include earrings are listed above and below.

#700 Swarovski Crsytals in your wedding colors! Silver $26.00/ Gold filled $28.00

#702 Wrapped bracelet with drops. Sterling $32.00/ Gold filled $35.00

#720 Double Crystal Bracelet Silver $36.00/Gold fill $40.00

#770 Wrapped Crystals with optional pearls. Silver $26.00/Gold filled $28.00

#712 Silver Starfish Charm Bracelet $30.00 (other charms available)

#900 Very feminine crystal and/or pearl anklets Silver $22.00/Gold fill $24.00

For more information on handcrafted bridal jewelry, email me at:
Call me: 1-800-524-2075


#112 Simplicity single strand of Swarovski Crystals in your wedding colors! Silver only $42.00/Gold fill $46.00

#117 Wrapped Y Drop in your wedding colors! Silver $48.00/Gold filled $52.00

#103 SET Light Sapphire Vintage Emerald Cut Necklace and Earrings SET Silver $48.00/Gold Fill $50.00

#103 SET Light Amethyst Vintage Emerald Cut Necklace SET Silver $48.00/Gold Fill $50.00

These Emerald Cut Swarovski Crytals have been out of production since the 1960s.  I have a large collection of the Swarovski Crystals and I use them in my original designs.  Available colors are: Light Saphire, Light Amethyst, Jonquil (light yellow), Topaz, Smoky Topaz, Light Colorado Topaz, Jet, Crystal AB, Chrysolite, Tourmaline Green, Olivene, and Capri Blue.  See the details page for sample colors.

#330 SET Light Sapphire, Pearls and Crystal AB Y Necklace SET
Silver $48.00/Gold fill $50.00

#330 SET Light Colorado Topaz and Golden Shadow Necklace and Earring SET Silver $48.00/Gold fill $50.00


These SETS include BOTH the #330 Petite Wrapped Y AND # 801 Drop earrings on French Wire.  Silver $48.00/ Gold fill $50.00
Nearly 100 Swarovski Colors available.
If you prefer lever back earrings, they are $5.00 more per set.Your bridesmaids will love their custom jewelry and your photographs will be incredible!

Purchase Gorgeous Custom Bridesmaid Gifts, Jewelry And More!

Although is best known for selling custom bridal party jewelry, did you know that we offer more than just unique jewelry pieces? We know that, when it comes to bridesmaid gifts, jewelry might not be the only thing that is on your mind for gift giving.

The same is true when it comes to purchasing beautiful pieces to complete the bride’s ensemble, or the ensemble of others in the wedding party.

In addition to selling unique bridal party jewelry, also offers all of the following custom products:

    • Cosmetic bags
    • Evening bags
    • Hairpins
    • Ornamental handbags
    • Tiaras
    • Veils embellished with crystals and pearls

We encourage you to browse through our website to get a better idea of the quality of jewelry we create. Remember – we handcraft 100% customized wedding jewelry for bridesmaids and anyone else in the wedding party. This means that your options are only limited by your imagination!

Give us a call at (800) 524-2075 or contact Marilyn at to learn more about how we can help you uniquely define that special day with our beautiful handcrafted jewelry.

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