The Benefits of Custom Bridal Jewelry

There are many benefits to getting your bridal jewelry custom made. Your wedding day is something that’s only supposed to come along once in a lifetime, and you want it to be as romantic and memorable as possible. Everything from your gown to your jewelry can become family heirlooms. Many of us have a particular style or look for our jewelry that we know looks good on us. Customizing your crystal jewelry can allow you to have exactly what you want, even if you can’t find it in your local bridal store. Here’s a quick list of some of the benefits of getting custom bridal jewelry:

  • Choose Your Own Design – if there is a particular set of jewelry that you’ve admired in movies or magazines, or even just a particular style that you love, you can have it. Handmade jewelry can be crafted into any design that you like, making it easy to fit the jewelry in with your ensemble.
  • Choose Your Own Colors – Crystals can be created in many different colors and shades. This means that your jewelry can be almost any color that you wish. If you have a particular color scheme for your wedding or just want a tiny bit of “pop” to your wedding look, colored crystals can make it happen.
  • Have a completely Unique Look – Most jewelry for brides looks very similar. With custom crystal jewelry, you will have a completely unique set of jewelry. You can be a trendsetter or turn old fashioned style into modern day chic when you design your own jewelry.
  • Matching Bridesmaid Jewelry – Custom bridesmaid gifts are a great way to thank your best friends. What’s even better is that if you get pieces that match or compliment your own jewelry, then your whole wedding party will look pulled together and stunning in your photos.
  • Incorporate an Heirloom Piece – If you’ve got a veil, a tiara, or a special piece of jewelry that’s been passed down through your family but doesn’t quite fit the style of your wedding, you can have the piece incorporated into your custom handmade jewelry. Veils can be temporarily attached to custom tiaras or combs to make sure you have something old that doesn’t interrupt the style scheme of your wedding.
  • Have a Perfect Fit – Whether it’s simply choosing the length of the necklace to fall in the perfect place on your neckline, or getting bracelets and anklets that are the perfect size, customizing can make the crystal jewelry fit you.

Bridal Crystal Direct is the place to get all of your crystal bridal jewelry. We pride ourselves on our selection and the quality of our handcrafted items. We can customize your wedding jewelry to fit your style and taste, which we hope will make your happy day that much more memorable. If you have any questions at all, please give us a call at 1-800-524-2075 today! We welcome all inquiries and custom orders and are proud to sell our products at the lowest possible price.

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