Crystal Hair Accessories Are Perfect for a Beach Wedding

If you are having a beach wedding, or even just a beach-themed wedding, crystal hair accessories can really help you shine. Crystal wedding jewelry can bring a touch of elegance to any wedding, and is particularly lovely when catching the rays of the sun on a tropical beach. The beach can be a fun and romantic location for any wedding, and the simpler gowns that are often required for walking in the sand are perfect for accessorizing with crystal hair pins, tiaras, or combs. One of the great things about crystal is that it pairs perfectly with pearls and can help give your hair the same sparkle as sun on water.

Crystal Hair Pins

Bridal hair accessories come in all shapes and sizes, pins and combs make for a lovely scattered crystal look throughout the hair. This can be an absolutely stunning look for a beach wedding because of the lovely effect the light can have when it catches the crystals. Hair pins allow you to create your own patterns and designs and can really add a lot to any hairstyle. An updo can be set off dramatically with strategically placed crystal bridal hair accessories.

Crystal Tiaras and Combs

A crystal tiara or comb can give your beach wedding an elegant and sophisticated flavor. A tiara is wonderful for both hair that is swept up away from the face or left down, and the crystals in it will sparkle like diamonds in the sunshine. It can also be a wonderful way to attach your veil, if you plan to wear one. A crystal comb can serve the same purpose, and will sparkle magically, especially when nestled in a bed of beautifully styled hair. If you have a crystal necklace as well, the comb or tiara can be created to match, giving your beach wedding an extra romantic flair.

Whether you choose crystal hair pins, combs, a tiara, or a combination, crystal bridal jewelry can be the perfect accessory to a beach wedding. Weddings on the beach are off uber-romantic and less formal than other venues due to the sand, water, and wind. Crystal can lend elegance and style to even a mostly casual wedding affair and allow you the flexibility to design the bridal jewelry of your dreams.

Here at Bridal Crystal Direct, we handcraft fine crystal bridal jewelry. We can custom design your jewelry to match the style and color scheme of your wedding. We are proud to offer the lowest prices for bridal jewelry around for crystal jewelry that is heirloom quality and handmade to your specifications. If you have any questions or would like to discuss a customization, please give us a call at 1-800-524-2075 today! We would love the chance to help you make your special day a truly memorable occasion.

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