Choose Custom Bridal Party Jewelry To Make a Statement

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Choose Custom Bridal Party Jewelry To Make a Statement

Brides have hundreds, if not thousands, of decisions to make before the big day including choosing her bridal party jewelry. No bride wants her wedding to be ordinary or typical, every bride wants to stand out from the crowd with dresses and accessories that are not just beautiful but stunning. Every bride wants her wedding photos to stand the test of time, to create the perfect overall effect.The best way to achieve that is choose custom bridal jewelry sets that are guaranteed to be original.

Choosing custom bridal jewelry sets, however, does not mean that you have to give up traditional beauty just for the sake of originality. The best custom bridal party jewelry pays homage to the vintage jewelry of the past but adds a modern flair. Anyone can find a pearl necklace with crystal embellishment but it may not be the proper length for the wedding gown or have the gold clasps that are important to the bride. A store-bought necklace may not blend with the bridesmaid dresses exactly or complement the various bridesmaids’ individual body types.  Bridal party jewelry that is designed by the bride and made specifically for her wedding will not only match her gown and bridesmaid dresses perfectly but can be customized to fit each woman so that the images created will be amazing long after the wedding day is over.

Bridal jewelry sets can often be either dowdy or overly ornate, pieces that would rarely be worn in everyday life and probably not chosen for gala affairs. Creating custom bridal party jewelry gives you the option to select stones and designs that will fit the needs of your bridesmaids on the wedding day and beyond.  Nontraditional, elegant, understated or intricately embellished, each bride has the option to determine the style she would like to accentuate her gown and those of her bridesmaids.  Brides can choose to have matching bridal jewelry sets for each member of the wedding party, set her own apart from her bridesmaids, or select individual pieces to reflect the personalities of each bridesmaid.  A uniform look can be achieved even with adjustments made for each bridesmaid as far as length or width of the pieces; this conformity of design keeps everyone looking polished and put together for the all-important photographs that will be reminisced over for a lifetime.

A designer who is attuned to the needs of brides will discuss the options with her to determine which solution will work best for her big day. The best designers of custom bridal jewelry sets will take a look at the budget, personality, and style of the bride and help her design bridal party jewelry that will complement the theme and style of the wedding, the gowns, and the personalities of each woman who will wear the pieces. Do not settle; take the time to find the best designers at the best prices who can create the one-of-a-kind bridal party jewelry you need to make the right statement on your wedding day.

For the best of the best, call the owner and designer, Marilyn Dannehower, direct to discuss your upcoming nuptials. She will help you design the bridal party jewelry that you have always dreamed of at prices you can afford. Once you have designed your jewelry, she will send photos for your approval before they are shipped, she isn’t satisfied until you are happy. From her private store of crystals, she will create bridal jewelry sets that are as unique as they are beautiful.

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